Meet Vivian

Welcome, offline I am Vivian Gonzalez I live and play in Fort Worth, Texas. I have been very blessed with the grace of God to have become a daughter, sister, friend, wife and a mother.

I always knew one day I would become a mother. The moment I found out I was pregnant this passion grew inside me. I did not know existed. As my baby continued to grow I have been in non-stop mami mode! I looked up everything on the internet. My Instagram that was for family and friends soon become a place to interact with other moms and learn so much. I hope to be here for you and your journey.

Crafting, decorating, scrapbooking and DIY everything are my passion. My world around me is a blank canvas. I’m always looking for the next project. Life goes by fast and my role continues to change….Welcome to my forever!

Forever is a long time. It’s just perfect. Just what I need for love, life and vividly dreams come true!