Hospital Bag

I couldn’t wait to pack baby Gonzalez hospital bag! It did take me longer than expected, I was so excited and overwhelmed with all the tiny pink outfits, bows and florals everywhere. I kept on imagining how the baby would look in all the tiny outfits. This time around I packed less. My first pregnancy I packed way too much but of course being a first-time mom I wanted to make sure I was prepared. Marcial and I took a hospital tour before, this time we decided not too. We did learn the hospital does provide a lot of essentials for baby. I packed 2 bags one for baby and myself.

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It’s a girl

Baby Gonzalez is due in December!

Here is a little flashback…. Marcial & I were not planning on this pregnancy were both caught by surprise. I was very overwhelmed. I made Marcial take me to the hospital right away, little did we know I would be at the beginning of my second trimester. The doctor began to rub cold jelly on my stomach, right away I saw Marcial’s face change staring at the monitor. As I was laying there I couldn’t stop staring at the Marcials face, his face was memorizing. He saw our baby for the first time. I couldn’t believe we were going to be parents again. It is truly a blessing.

Once the news settled in I kept looking back for all the signs of pregnancy. I had broken out with a rash on my cheeks, how was I suppose to know it was pregnancy related! lol I never felt nauseated the first trimester. I did have heartburn a few times. It was very soon my nausea & fatigue is still all day into these last days of my pregnancy. Any smell I come across that did not sit well with the baby I’d lose it & vomit immediately during my second trimester. Nothing can prepare you for pregnancy even if you have been pregnant before.

I am counting my blessings & focusing on life growing inside of me. We cannot wait to meet our sweet bundle of joy.

Hello September

Hello Loves! It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. The past few months have come and gone by so fast. but I am not joking when I say that life has truly been overwhelming.

First things first……We’re expecting! Baby Gonzalez is on the way and due in December! So stay tune for the exciting blog post we have coming up!

Mami of a toddler! Cruz turned 3 this year, oh do the years go by so fast. I recently followed up with the school to see where Cruz was at on the waiting list. My heart sunk and tears came to my eyes, when the director told me “we have an opening.”  This was something I wasn’t expecting to hear at all.So make sure you subscribe! That way you can read more about Cruz first week of school and full story of my pregnancy.

So make sure you subscribe! That way you can read more about Cruz first week of school and full story of my pregnancy journey.