Daily Calendar

Since I have given birth to Catalina, my husband and I decided Cruz would stay at home with me. We took him out of School/Daycare only because I MISSED him like crazy!!! I wanted to take the opportunity before he starts school in August to spend time with him like before. He will soon be four and I know I will not get this time with Cruz back. Also, since baby sister was coming I was worried how he would a adjust. I wanted to make sure Cruz felt happy, secure (and all those other feelings of Cruz not being an only child anymore.) Cruz actually does not talk about school at all. It’s so cute though every now then he will mention some friends. But Cruz loves to learn and catches on very quickly. I knew I was going to have to be more hands-on and have some sort of structure, so we can do activities together to keep him learning.

I purchased My Magnetic Daily Calendar. We started January 1st, 2018! We usually take about 10-15 minutes discussing the calendar.  The calendar goes over the date, days of the week, seasons, emotions, temperature, holidays and weather. Cruz has enjoyed and is excited about the calendar and even keeps me on schedule to go over it. It’s fun because we both get to interact with one another he’s so funny when he’s “teaching me!” I thought I would share with you this super easy, mom-friendly learning activity you can do with your littles! It’s super adorable by the way! Mamas you can even do this activity while babywearing or holding your little in your hands! Please share with me any activities you do at home with your littles! Cruz would definitely appreciate it!


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