It’s a girl

Baby Gonzalez is due in December!

Here is a little flashback…. Marcial & I were not planning on this pregnancy were both caught by surprise. I was very overwhelmed. I made Marcial take me to the hospital right away, little did we know I would be at the beginning of my second trimester. The doctor began to rub cold jelly on my stomach, right away I saw Marcial’s face change staring at the monitor. As I was laying there I couldn’t stop staring at the Marcials face, his face was memorizing. He saw our baby for the first time. I couldn’t believe we were going to be parents again. It is truly a blessing.

Once the news settled in I kept looking back for all the signs of pregnancy. I had broken out with a rash on my cheeks, how was I suppose to know it was pregnancy related! lol I never felt nauseated the first trimester. I did have heartburn a few times. It was very soon my nausea & fatigue is still all day into these last days of my pregnancy. Any smell I come across that did not sit well with the baby I’d lose it & vomit immediately during my second trimester. Nothing can prepare you for pregnancy even if you have been pregnant before.

I am counting my blessings & focusing on life growing inside of me. We cannot wait to meet our sweet bundle of joy.

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