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Meet the Shapes

Toddler approved!

Cruz had so much fun and quickly came up with all sorts of ways to play. It was so nice to see him enjoying playtime and learning at the same time.  I started to call out a numbers, shapes or colors, all Cruz had to do was jump on the shape. I cut out shapes from a poster board, and used chalk to number the shapes.

After we explored around the Fort Worth Botanic Garden chasing Cruz up and down the paths enjoying all the floral scenery.

Don’t forget to play outside!

Early Childhood Matters

As parents we learn and grow with our children. Cruz has taught my husband and I so many wonderful things. How could we as parents not give Cruz the world! While I was a stay at home mom Cruz and I attended
Early Childhood Matters

Parents in one classroom and children in another. My family and I learned so much. I loved practicing what I learned. I wanted to make sure our time was very productive. After accomplishing many educational activities, I realized Cruz wanted more. Let’s continue to grow with out little’s. So make sure you subscribe for fun, DIY and educational activites to share with your littles.
Don’t forget to share your ideas below I’d love to try them out!

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