Cruz is only 3, but this has to be one of my favorite diy birthday yet!
“Where the Wild Things Are” Cruz is definitely wild!
So it was time to officially “Start the Wild Rumpus”
Download VSCO to see additional diy photos for Cruz 3rd Birthday.




Time to bring home baby. I wish I could relive the day Cruz was born over and over again.
I cannot believe how fast life goes, my baby is becoming a little boy.  I am so proud of him, he is growing up.  I remember coming home with Cruz and enjoying all the snuggles.  I use to spend every minute holding him and it still was not long enough.  I remember putting this hospital keepsake together, while he slept in his bassinet.

Hospital Keepsake includes: baby blanket, newborn diaper, our 3 hospital bracelets, umbilical cord clamp, beanie, “It’s A Boy” a candy cane and candy cigar, balloon, name card and his customized Cruz rattle.


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