Mommy Resolutions

Welcoming 2018! I have honestly never made any New Year Resolution but I’d figured starting off the year as a Mami of two it would be a great time to start! Cruz is my first born and now 3 years later after giving birth to my daughter, I have learned very quickly my children are totally different! What once worked with Cruz is not the same case with Catalina! I am still learning especially with a toddler around. This time around I want to make changes from what I learned after having Cruz. I want to be a better Mami, I do feel more pressure with Cruz around. My children bring out the best in me and I don’t want to fail them. I am sharing 5 of my Parenting Goals this year to start off!

1. Breastfeeding

Catalina has made breastfeeding so effortlessly. Since she was born she latched on right away & all the skin to skin made my milk come in on the 3rd day. I am taking it day by day & began pumping a week after she was born. I would appreciate any tips mama, especially for leaking!!!

2. Learning with Cruz

My schedule has changed with two little’s around & I want to make sure Cruz & I have our time together. I plan on using this time with him as an opportunity to learn an activity of the day! I’ll be sharing easy, nonexpensive activities very soon.

3. Fitness

My goal is to workout at least 30 minutes a day to start off. Once Texas heat comes back I cannot wait to get outdoors. Any at home workouts I need to try postpartum mamas?

4. Be present

Living more in the moment. I want enjoy more moments with my family instead of capturing the perfect moment.

5. Self-care

Take the time enjoy motherhood but also take time for me so I can be the best version of myself! I mean take showers & not feel guilty! Lol Fix my hair & do my make up even though I am a stay at home Mami!


With the New Year, I am taking the opportunity to use what I have learned, use any regrets I have I made and moments that I have cherished. It’s not about being the perfect parent but making moments that matter with my family.

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